1. Location: Tsuruoka Park
2. Category: International Students
3. I came from a tropical country where most people like me have one funny dream when we visit a subtropical country like Japan: we want to play and enjoy the snow. But every time there's a snowy day in Tsuruoka, it always comes together with either a harsh wind that causes a super frost temperature or tons of work to do in the laboratory. There was one lucky day sometimes in January. That day, when snow started to fall, there were no tasks in the laboratory, and it was gently snowing without harsh wind. I only had one thought in my mind: I WANT TO GO TO PARK! I spent almost 2 hours at Tsuruoka Park that day. I captured every single object in Tsuruoka Park that day because I knew that might be the only best time for me to enjoy the snow in Tsuruoka.